How to Play

While we have designed many puzzles, figuring out how to interact with the site isn’t one of them! To access our puzzles, go to Puzzles tab and open the Solve page. There, you’ll see two events: “The Puzzle Hunt at Gen Con” (last year’s puzzles) and “The 2020 Puzzle Pack” (this year’s puzzles). All of these puzzles are available for you and your friends to solve!

For each puzzle, click on the title, and you’ll be able to download a larger version. When you think you have the answer, click on the puzzle thumbnail. In the box that pops up, under the “Solve” tab, you can enter your answer. If you get it right, the site will tell you. Congratulations! Either way, the site will display your answers under the “Guesses” tab.

We’re working on functionality to offer hints; unfortunately, it’s not available yet. If you get stuck on a puzzle, please email us at, but be aware that it might take us awhile to get back to you—so it’s probably a good idea to work on a different puzzle while you wait for a response.